We are looking for a motivated, hard-working team of individuals to help make the Peterhouse May Ball a success. There are a variety of roles available, with varying levels of responsibility and required experience. Details of all the roles can be found below.

Application deadline is 11:59pm 16th February 2024.
Interviews will take place at the end of February 2024.

Night Schedule

First half: 18h - 0h30
Second half: 0h - 6h30
Full night: 18h - 6h
Set-up/clear-up role timings variable

For Peterhouse students, we will be offering some half-on, half-off positions, where workers will work the first half of the night in exchange for a discounted ticket to the second half of the Ball. Depending on demand, we may not be able to offer this to everyone, but we will attempt to accommodate people’s preferences as far as possible.

For further information, please contact our hiring team.


Catering Assistant


We are looking for friendly and hard-working individuals to assist our food and drinks caterers over the course of the night. You will be allocated a range of roles throughout the night, including being on hand to serve guests and keep stalls clean and well-stocked, as well as liaising with area and bar managers.

Entertainment Runner


To ensure the smooth running of the night’s entertainment, we are looking for responsible and conscientious individuals to work with our contractors in equipment installation. You will also be required to escort acts to and from stages at the correct times, so good time management is essential. Those with relevant experience are encouraged to apply.

On Call/General Worker


Over the course of the night, we will require adaptable and diligent individuals to be on-call to fill a variety of roles. These could include, but are not limited to: helping security when guests arrive, litter picking, glass and crockery washing and fire safety stewarding. You will be required to take up positions across the different areas of the Ball and fill in spaces where needs arise.

Set-Up/Clear-Up Worker


As a set-up or clear-up worker, you will work in a large team with the Ball’s maintenance department, helping them to move equipment, clear areas, and put up/take down material for the Ball. We are looking for a number of helpful and amiable individuals who thrive in team environments.



For managerial positions, we aim to prioritise applicants who are 20 years of age or older. All managerial roles are for the entire night (18:00 - 6:00).

Team Leader


As Team Leader, your job will be to take charge of a small group of staff working on a particular aspect of the ball and ensure that they understand their schedule and duties throughout the night. Furthermore, you will be responsible for their welfare and manage rotas in order that everyone has access to their allocated break periods. We are searching for individuals with good leadership skills, who are switched on and calm under pressure. Experience in the specific area you are applying for is desirable.

Area Manager


To adequately manage the various areas of the Ball, we are seeking individuals who can oversee teams of workers and ensure each team is working optimally. You will work with our staff, entertainment contractors, and caterers to manage situations as they develop on the ground. Quick-thinking individuals with excellent teamwork skills are encouraged to apply, especially those with prior experience of May Ball work.

Roaming Area Manager


As Roaming Area Manager, you will be the committee’s prior contact in co-ordinating the events of the night and will assist us in liaising with team leaders and general area managers to ensure the Ball runs smoothly. You will take responsibility for managing the flow of people, access to catering stalls and entertainment, as well as the general well-being of the Ball’s guests. Moreover, you will work side-by-side with the Ball’s Personnel officers to ensure that staff are correctly allocated, and alert us to any issues that may arise during the night. We are seeking an individual with prior May Ball experience with the confidence to take charge of the events of the night and manage large numbers of people.